Don DeLillo parla di Cosmopolis e di Rob Pattinson a Repubblica/ Don DeLillo talks Cosmopolis and Rob Pattinson to Repubblica (Italy) english version

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Don DeLillo, l’autore del libro Cosmopolis (in Italia edito da Einaudi) parla a Repubblica oggi del suo rapporto con i film realiuzzati dai suoi libri e in particolare con Cosmopolis, da cui è stato tratto un film diretto da David Cronemberg e interpretato da Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche e Sarah Gadon, che è in concorso a Cannes e che uscirà nelle sale italiane il 25 maggio

English Version

Have you seen the movie adaptation of Cosmopolis?
 Don DeLillo: Yes, and I really enjoyed it. Cronemberg has made a film without any compromises. It ‘s close enough to the book. There is also a lot of its language, which is often typical of some esoteric financial markets. But it’s a movie: between the words written on paper and on screen transposition remains an abyss. The two forms are not comparable: a writer works alone, sitting in a room, a director is surrounded by actors, technical crew, tons of material.

Do you appreciate Cronemberg’s movies?

 Don DeLillo: It ’a director is always interesting and I particularly like one of his latest film:  Eastern Promises. Among the earlier I love Dead Ringers and Crash  that is a movie which is difficult to see, but remains inside

Did you work on the screenplay for the film?
Don DeLillo: Not at all, I have not discussed it, nor have ever been on set. The movie was filmed in Toronto.

How do you feel to see Robert Pattinson, actor famous for having played a vampire in a literary creation of yours?
Don DeLillo: The character he portrays is very close to that of the novel. However I’ve  never seen Twilight and when I write I have in mind neither the film nor any who can interpret it. I just care that will be played by good actor.


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