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Tu style interviews
“I haven’t understand yet What Am I Doing Here”
by Marco Giovannini

An english survey says that 87% of english women, of every age would replace their husbands immediately with Robert Pattinson. And the suspect is that everywoman in the world would do the same. Pattinson, 25 next may 12, a very tall man (1.85 cm) skinny, pale and apparently unhappy (as vampires should be), is the center of a mass idolatry similar only to the Leonardo di Caprio’ s (Titanic )
Another movie, Breaking Dawn, divided in two chapters (first will come out november 18th 2011, second one november 16 th, 2012) after that date Twilight Saga and his Edward will be in retirement. And he and Kristen Stewart will be free, if they want to , to live their love freely, a love that they never confirmed. Since the series begun, in 2008, semi-unknown Parrinson, chosen between 5000 candidates, rise to the 15th placement between most payed actors, for Twilight Saga he asked and obtained 12.5 $ milion for every movie; when he changed genre he renounced to a lot of money: for his new job “water for Elephants” he asked only 1.5 $ milion . “But I need to put my feet down and to wake myself”, he says very seriously. Based on Sara Gruen most successful novel, set in the ’30, the movie follows Jacob that became a veterinary in a circus by chance. And falls in love with Marlena (Reese Whiterspoon), even if she is married with the ringmaster and animal trainer August (Christoph Waltz).

What attracted you of this story?
RP: The script: I react to words and descriptions in a visceral way. If I can feel myself into the story immediately, this must be the right script to do.

In 2004′ Vanity Fair you had a little cameo as Reese Whiterspoon’s son. Now you become her lover: Hollywood’s miracles?

RP: Reese is not so happy that everybody’s talking about this thing, because she says that aged her. But, to think properly, she is identical to how she was at the time. It was my first job and she was so sensible to come to visit me, to help me with my lines, because she noticed that I was terrified.Every Time director said “action”, I became paralyzed. When I went with a colleague to the premiere of the movie in London, we saw his scene, and mine was cut off. Nobody have told me that. So bad! I was planning serioiusly to give up with acting, before.. starting it”

This time, in love scenes, you did not feel paralyzed, didn’t you?
Reese succeded to make feel me completely at ease. In the real life she is exactly how she seems on screen: very very sweet, friendly, with a positive aura
And Christoph Waltz as the villain?
Words are not enough for him. This movie is going to be appreciated by my mother, not only because is a romantic one, but because she will feel proud about me too: I perform myself with two Oscar winners (Reese Witerspoon won for Walk the Line in 2006, Chisthoph Waltz in 2010 with Unglorious Bastards) On the set sometimes I repeated my self the title of a book by one of my favourites writers , Bruce Chatwin “What Am I Doing Here”

When you were a child you were fascinated or scared by the circus?
I went to see a circus only one time, it was called Zipper Circus, I still remember it. I liked the clown and to this clown happened a lot of funny things. But in a certain moment of the show there was a car accident with mini cars. And my sister screamed to me “the clown is dead!”, and I ve burst into tears. Some years ago she told me that was a joke.

how is your relationship with animals?
It is funny you’re asking now because I’m the new owner of a dog. a Mut with some traces of german sheperd dog. I’ve adopted it from a refuge in Louisiana before they decided to kill him, and I cannot bear it. I don’t know how I will do because I always travel. I grew up with a dog, Patty and probably it is true that you’ll always be as a child. the weird thing is that he (he has not yet a name , but probably it can be “bear”) one day was in a refuge and the next day he went with me in a five stars hotel room in Hollywood. It seems like “Lady and the tramp” to me.

Speaking about Hollywood, that is like a circus, isn’it?

Maybe a little, is a world where illisions are created and they try to make people believe in them.
Have you accostumed yourself to fame?
I don’t know what fame is, for real, because my inner life did not changed at all (my values did not change at all)
You’re a sex symbol?
see below, at the word “hollywood illusions”, before twilight I was unable to go out for a date with a girl
And now?
Yes If I wanted to. But I’m not the sex Symbol. He is Edward, the vampire
How are you spending the money you gained?
I’m so used to be a penniless that I’m not able to spend them. Last thing I buyed with a certain value is a vintage guitar
If You were not an actor what you have done in your life?
I was absolutely convinced to become a musician. Some times I still perfom myself to. Performing my self to an audience gives you freedom and, to tell the truth, it blows my mind ( in a good way) as no movie can.
You stiill write songs, don’t you?
I have no time for it
And are you still writing that two “famous” novels you were writing some years ago
I have no time for them too
How you see your future?
I know for now what will be my next movie, Cosmopolis, based on a novel by Don DeLillo, directed by David Cronemberg, and played also by Paul Giamatti Juliette Binoche, Mathieu Amalric. Another project that will make my mother proud of me, and I will repeat to my self What Am I Doing Here

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  • ellevi

    Ieri, in treno tornando dal lavoro, leggevo “Money” di Martin Amis – libro che Robert mi ha “consigliato” – quando d’un tratto ho cominciato a fantasticare su Rob (ndr, ma daaaiii!!! Fantasticavi su Rob???!!! E come mai???!!!). Di pensiero in pensiero, come di preciso non so, mi è venuta in mente una canzone di Baglioni dal titolo “Acqua dalla luna” (sempre di acqua si tratta…), in particolare quando dice “volevo diventare un pifferaio stregare il mondo ed ogni sua creatura, … incantare le ragazze ed i serpenti…”. Ho detto: Questo è Rob!!! Prima ha stregato-incantato le ragazze e ora tocca agli animali del circo!!!

    P.S.: certo che è proprio ostinato!! Ancora con ‘sta storia che non è lui il sex symbol, ma Edward!!!

  • becauseofrob

    Tempo fa, Sparvieronero si chiedeva se c’e’ o ce fa’.
    Oggi rispondo ce fa’, ce fa’…

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