Scans: old interview to Robert Pattinson (2008) in a twilight magazine special (Italy) + english version

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Grazie infinite alle nostre Ele Patz e Pattz Erella per le scansioni, cliccandole più volte diventano grandi e perfettamente leggibili

english version by Fiammy for Robert Pattinson Moms (quote it if you use it)

Question: It is true that you have been chosen by the director, Catherine Hardwicke because of your pale skin?

Rob: Maybe it was my  little emaciated look to suggest this choice, but I assure you that on the set before shooting, I had to undergo at least an hour of makeup to become Edward. As you can see my pallor was not enough

Question: you think you have something in common with Edward?

Rob: honestly not much, but when I think about him, I like him to be thoughtful and  consider important the emotional sphere. When I fall in love , I love with all my being, no half-measures  and I try not to pretend. Even Edward is so.

Question;It is true that you’d like to be a writer?

Rob I know that many actors want to write down their ideas, perhaps because they are forced to play scripts written by others, who knows. however, I’m passionate about writing and I also write. I’ve always write.

It is true that you kept a diary where you can write everything about the character of edward including what he felt?

Rob: a diary? No, that  is an exaggeration. I wrote lots of notes, I write alternative versions of the script when something on the set I do not much like. On the other hand playing a vampire is not easy. You need to imagine the feelings he feels, certain emotions or feelings such as anger or love. I wanted to find the right key to make it human and I combined my passion for writing with the need to identify myself for the part.

Question :D o you think young people can learn something from the character of Edward?

Rob: Edward is a character so complex that everyone can take aspects of his character and make them their own. I think maybe his mysterious side or the discreet and quiet, or even more to his tenacity and his strength of will to defend its moral principles. Edward can be seen from many angles and teach a lot.

Question: The character of Edward has changed you, too, at least a little?

Rob: Not changed at all, but I appreciated the talents of Edward and I tried to make them my own, in a sense. Surely its advantages have been teaching for me.

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