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Ebbene si.. a distanza di alcuni mesi ho trovato questo vecchio numero di OGGI  e grazie alla REDAZIONE DI OGGI ( che non finiremo mai di ringraziare per la loro gentilezza)


This photo below is an Exclusive for Robert Pattinson Moms

These, instead are real biiiiiiiig scans, from the article, click on them ^_^

Intervista di Armando Gallo con i protagonisti di Eclipse  svoltasi a Beverly Hills, nei giardini diel Four Seasons Hotel, svoltasi alcuni giorni prima del loro arrivo in Italia a Giugno di quest’anno.

“AMORE FANTASTICO”  leggete cosa dice Kristen sui FAN ITALIANI!!


The Beauty and Beasts
Who would you choose between Rob and Kris?

English Summary of the article

There is a teacher who teaches acting to a class of Los Angeles teenager and she said to be that she banned from her lessons Bella Swan interior monologue or voice off because all the girls wants to play that role
A role of a young woman who has strong feelings and desires but she appears shy and introvert like a lot of girl are.
Millions of books sold worldwide, bilions of dollars made by the movies about Twilight.
Now is the moment for the third installment.
Bella has to choose between Jacob and Edward, nd this is the most important choice of her young life. Who will she choose? the eternal “cold” love of Edward, vampire or the “hot” and fast love of Jacob?
Kristen Stewart has granted us an interview in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. She wears a Oscar De la Renta’s Dress and gold shoes by Christian Laboutin. She said to us that she had to be in Rome with Lautner on June, 17, and she said also “I can’t wait to see my favourite fans”, “I was saying to a corean journalist how sweet and caring italian fans are”
She still remembers an episode at Rome film Festival when for the enthusiasm of the italian fans she and Pattinson had to be taken abruptly in a car by their body guards
She said to us “It’s wonderful to be loved this way”

Kristen and Rob are not in love each other when they are in ront of a camera, but even after. their relationship is very private and discrete. I asked Kristen: Have you ever been in love with two guys at the same time” and she answered firmly to me: “Oh My God: No! It would be a terrible thing”
Kristen is a serious actress, she is shooting “On the Road by Kerouac, as Dean Moriarty’s wife. She read the book when she was fourteen. “Marylou is an icon, she intimidates me, but is a challenge too”
Next Twilight chapter will be Breaking Dawn and Bella will become a bride and a mother too. I asked her if there has been for her a movie with the same importance for her and she answered me it was Titanic

I asked her then which was the most difficult scene to shoot in Eclipse and she said to me it was the Jacob and Bella Kiss, beacuse she did not understood at first her intentions.

Taylor Lautner said to me that Eclipse was his favouite, with the adventure, the kiss, and…the fatigue to take Bella in his arms most of the time, but the tent scene is the most beautiful scene of the movie with the confrontation of the two rivals. Robert Pattinson said: “That scene was the most difficult to shoot, because we are friend in the real life and we had to be very angry each other in the movie.And instead we were often laughing….” And Kristen was laughing too.

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  • sparvieronero

    Cioè, non ci posso credere!! Ancora fanno le foto con i giornali sotto “a testimonianza”???? Solo Lui può essere bbbellissimo in questa posa !!!!!

  • elena

    hahahah…hai ragione Sparviero…solo lui può permettersi di essere bellisssimo e di non sembrare ridicolo…guardalo..mi fa tenerezza con quel giornale…che carino!!

  • zagrella

    beh si lui come lo metti lo metti è sublima…ma io quella camicia gialla la odiooooooooo!

  • sparvieronero

    Ciao Zag! Perchè?

  • Chri

    BELLO LUI..!!!Non è che anche solo per 5 minuti mi posso trasformare in “OGGI”???? ;)

  • zagrella

    x sparviero: non è per un motivo particolare , forse la mia avversione al giallo, ma proprio non mi piace …….questo non vale x quello che c’è sotto!

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